Instantly add David Bowie Filter to any of your profile pictures, photos, or logos. A tribute filter for David Bowie, a musical legend that inspired so many musicians, artists, and people around the world to be themselves and believe in themselves. Never be afraid to be exactly who you are. This is David Bowie's iconic lightning bolt from the Aladdin Sane album cover. 2016 was a rough year for music. We made this filter to help us here at Rainbow Filter cope with Bowie's passing on 1/10/2016. David Bowie continues to inspire us to be ourselves in this crazy world. RIP Ziggy Stardust.. Click the button!

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David Bowie Filter

Just click the button up above to select an image from your photo library or take a brand new profile picture. We'll add the David Bowie effects for you. It's what we do, we're a David Bowie filter app! Its easy to use our profile picture maker to get profile picture effects and customize your profile picture.

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After you've picked the perfect image click the big green Download button. This will either download your new pic or send you to a page where you can download or copy your filtered photo. Its that easy to use our profile picture maker to decorate your profile picture!

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Get a David Bowie filter and David Bowie frame with more than just you Facebook profile picture, you can also get all those sweet, sweet photo filters on any photo. So we made this app to give your Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Discord images the same cool photo filter effect. Tweet us any bugs with our profile picture app or you can email us @ info@ :-) Have filter requests for our app? Tweet, Facebook Message, or email us your requests!

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Click the Twitter Login or Facebook Login button up top, enable the app and all the permissions, and we'll change your profile picture! Click Update Facebook Picture to officially set your profile picture, you will be redirected to Facebook! Facebook is now making it more popular to use these temporary profile pictures. Use our profile picture maker to get the best profile picture effects! We'll update your pfp for you with the profile picture frame and you can download it to your device, too. You can also download your new pfp and filter or frame and use it on anything like TikTok, Snapchat, and Discord.

Twitter David Bowie Filter, Instagram David Bowie Filter, Tumblr David Bowie Filter, YouTube David Bowie Filter?

Yep! Just click the red button and add we'll add a David Bowie filter to any cover image or profile picture you have saved from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Tumblr. Use any photo filter and image filter for free! You can use any profile pic or camera photo with our image filters.

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